BBQ (Anything) with Pickled Cabbage

This BBQ dinner is a total non-recipe – throw in anything that would be good with BBQ sauce (meat, potatoes, tofu, dreams), put over polenta, and top everything with pickled cabbage for freshness and a little zing.

The polenta recipe I used, and have made for other meals, is from Ina’s darlingly titled (and favorite in our household) Cooking for Jeffrey cookbook…and it’s foolproof; I’ve made it a few times and only ever measured the cornmeal and chicken stock. Everything else – butter, creme fraîche, garlic, salt, Parm – can all be winged (wung?) and I’m pretty sure it will turn out great.


If/when I ever make this again, I will most definitely make the BBQ sauce from scratch; there are a ton of quick and easy options out there, including this; also useful if you want more of a step-be-step recipe for the meal overall. Quick steps below though, just in case.


Vegetarian BBQ with Pickled Cabbage:

Serves 6

  1. Make polenta (Ina recipe here)
  2. Steam cauliflower; remove from heat
  3. Bring BBQ sauce to a low simmer; if using store bought (I did, whatever), add a little water to thin it out
  4. Add steamed cauliflower and chickpeas (or other items of choice; I used a head of cauliflower and 2 cans chickpeas) to sauce until heated through
  5. Layer polenta and BBQ mixture; top with pickled cabbage


Final thing to note – of all my pickling results from last year’s adventures, pickled cabbage was easily one of the best outcomes. It is the trifecta of a perfect pickle – economical produce, texture that stands up to the process, and a palatable taste (not too sour, sweet, or bitter). Make them!

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