Chili with Pickled Jalapeños

One of the best things about chili is the fact that it is host for so many great toppings – cheese, onions of all varietals, fresh chopped tomatoes or avocados, Fritos, sour cream (or Greek yogurt if you’re feeling fancy/healthy)…and of course pickled jalapeños.

Using this pickled jalapeño recipe, whip up a big batch of chili (try this version…ask me for the secret ingredients my fiancé and I use to make it truly award-winning). The amount in this recipe (add an extra can of beans or tomatoes to stretch it) makes at least 6 hefty servings; a pint of pickled jalapeños should be a sufficient match-up.


Other toppings of choice in our household include shredded cheese, green onions and Greek yogurt. Perfect for a chili day, or any day that you’re feeling that crockpot lyfe.


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