A Pickle a Week: My Challenge for 2016

the-weekly-pickleHappy 2016, and welcome to this self-prescribed pickle project/epic challenge. Starting this week (the first of the year), I’m planning to pickle something different every week for a year. AKA, a weekly pickle.

Why such a lofty goal? Some background – After years of mooching off my mom’s 24-hour quick pickle (“quickle”) recipe and dabbling in other pickling endeavors, it’s time to expand my horizons. There’s also some heavy inspiration here from Portlandia’sWe can pickle that!

A few other questions this may prompt are: Why pickling, exactly? How will I possibly come up with 52 things to pickle? How many mason jars will this project require? The answers to all of those questions, and more, to come. I’ll also include ideas and recommendations for using said pickles (think interesting sandwiches, Bloody Marys, etc). Stay tuned!

And finally, a few rules and guidelines:

  1. None of that hardcore canning nonsense – quick, easy, refrigerator pickles only…myself and anyone reading this probably isn’t relying on food preservation for their livelihood.
  2. Can I pickle the same item twice? Yes, but only if a completely different recipe is used.
  3. If I use a specific recipe (which will generally be the case), I’ll obvi mention it. Otherwise, some weeks may facilitate an experiment and/or combine elements of past and present recipes.

Sidenote: for any of my Bay Area friends, if you want to taste test, let me know. Pickle parties could be in the very near future.